Great Gatsby in NYC Styled Shoot

We have some new inspiration to lift your spirits and help give you some momentum in your Brooklyn wedding planning during this rainy week in Brooklyn! Check out this NYC modern Great Gatsby shoot at Deity Events with some new NYC vendors. Sometimes finding inspiration that can be accomplished by real people with a tight schedule is tough, so we wanted to share with you a beautiful vintage look that can actually pull off. Let Deity Events help you recreate this look for your wedding day! 

If Gatsby and Daisy were going to tie the knot in 2020, they would do it at Deity Events and this is how it would look! We wanted to embody Gatsby and Daisy’s love in an intimate way, so Deity Events collaborated with some of the best vendors in NYC to make this modern Great Gatsby look possible.

What truly stands out are the romantic gowns with a vintage flair and ornate headpieces and jewelry give it an over the top vintage look that is true to American’s golden era. The tailored suit from Black Lapel and simple greenery offers the modern flair, something you can replicate for your wedding!

The photography really needed to show the contrast of modern wedding while replicating a vintage details. The lounge at Deity Events and the hand crafted bar has a classic industrial look that wanted to highlight. The tree is a romantic detail to highlight Deity’s intimacy.

The Bridal Suite‘s decor was the perfect prop for the photographer and models to play around with. The light airy background of the Loft enhances the romance with a more modern elegance. Lastly we felt the rooftop was the best place to incorporate a modern NYC look.

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot10Deity Events Gatsby Shoot236

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot6Deity Events Gatsby Shoot161

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot89

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot92Deity Events Gatsby Shoot13Deity Events Gatsby Shoot47Deity Events Gatsby Shoot38Deity Events Gatsby Shoot72Deity Events Gatsby Shoot73Deity Events Gatsby Shoot63Deity Events Gatsby Shoot44Deity Events Gatsby Shoot21Deity Events Gatsby Shoot24Deity Events Gatsby Shoot28Deity Events Gatsby Shoot27Deity Events Gatsby Shoot173Deity Events Gatsby Shoot176Deity Events Gatsby Shoot231Deity Events Gatsby Shoot116Deity Events Gatsby Shoot139Deity Events Gatsby Shoot138Deity Events Gatsby Shoot144Deity Events Gatsby Shoot123Deity Events Gatsby Shoot155Deity Events Gatsby Shoot145Deity Events Gatsby Shoot152Deity Events Gatsby Shoot183Deity Events Gatsby Shoot189Deity Events Gatsby Shoot185Deity Events Gatsby Shoot177Deity Events Gatsby Shoot191

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot220Deity Events Gatsby Shoot222Deity Events Gatsby Shoot226Deity Events Gatsby Shoot228Deity Events Gatsby Shoot201Deity Events Gatsby Shoot204

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot249

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot245Deity Events Gatsby Shoot233

Special Thanks to the vendors who made this all possible! 

Lead Photographer- Hilo and Ginger

Second Shooters- Melinda Anita Photography, Kaitlyn Anne Photo

Jewelry by Markie Mark Studio

Suit by Black Lapel

Event Planner and Organizers- Events by Mayven

Hair and Makeup by Irene O’Brien 

Head Pieces- Christie Lauren Headpieces

Dresses and Lingerie by Loulette bride

Flowers by Stems Brooklyn

Models- Kendahl Lee and Luis Ocasio from New York Model Management  

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