Preferred Vendors for your Brooklyn Holiday Party

We are all about kicking things up a notch for your Brooklyn Holiday Party. It first starts with a Unique Brooklyn Venue, attending too a create and beautifully presented catering menu, then adding the details that make a difference and make your guests feel the love and the effort to make everything go smoothly. Deity Events is here to help make all of that come true without a hitch! 

Live Music- Divina Strings

Divina Strings has Jazz Bands and ensembles that we are obsessed with! Talk about a mood boost! If your trying to enjoy a high end dinner for all your VIPs, Violinists will serenade your guests around the dinning room. Danielle, the artist of Divinia strings has played at Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, The Martha Stewart Show, and more.
We also suggest phearnone as an electric violinist. This is a great addition to go with the Deity DJ. The combination of the two artists will never let your party get dull and everyone will be dancing all night long!

Branding- Arch

Making sure the Brooklyn Holiday Party looks like you created it for your very own brand is important to us. We understand the value in integrated messages throughout an event experience. That is why we want you to have nothing but the best when trying to bring your companies message across to all your guests. Use Arch brand specialists to create a unique experience for your guests.

Sound and Stage- Bentley Meeker

You might have already heard, Bentley Meeker is the best when it comes to sound and staging. We know why. Everything goes according to plan with these guys and it’s not because their lucky. Knowledgable sound technicians are on site to create a crisp clear sound and the perfectly fit stage for your venue.

Casino Table Rentals- 212 Casinos

Needing to add a fun theme to your Holiday Party? What about a 007 night or a roaring 20s party, or prohibition theme? You can add some casino tables and attendants to bring your theme across and add a fun to do throughout the night that is not just eating and drinking. This rental company is based in Brooklyn and since they are a preferred vendor they comp delivery and pick up fees! For a 3 game table and attendant for a four hour event the price is only $1200.

Photo Booths, Photography and Videography- Le Image

Having a photo booth is an easy add to let your guests have a keepsake of your event. Photos and Video are a fun follow up and help your guest attendance record for the next year. When you remind them of all the fun that was had the year before with photos and video they are more likely to come the year after.

Floral Arrangements- Midtown Florist

Need something simple and chic for your extra special dinner? Midtown Florist knows Deity well so they can help pick the perfect elegant arrangement for you without you having to know all about flowers.

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