How Do I Please Everyone at my Brooklyn Holiday Party?


It’s almost impossible to make everyone happy and unfortunately everyone just has those super picky people in the group. But you are up to the challenge right? I’m going to be frank. The way you please everyone (or the most people possible) at your company Holiday Party is to give people nothing to complain about by giving people options! Options for food, options for drinks options to dance or not dance, then have the staff treat them with kindness! They can’t be mad about something they choose. How do we make sure this happens? 

  1. Standing style dinner is always a safe way to go. During a Standing Style Dinner we present so many quality options to your guests. They have a couple stations where they can get up and grab a plate of sushi or cured meats and artisan cheeses? Then there will be more than a half dozen scrumptious options going around the room by gracious staff. The key is there are a ton of options they can choose rather than having one plated options that they may or may not like. There will still be seating available, but your guests don’t run the risk of sitting next to someone they don’t like or get bored just sitting at the table.
  2. Don’t make them responsible for anything that night. Even finding directions to the place. Have a doorman to direct them into the venue and welcome them. Maybe even provide transportation from your office to the venue. If they don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, or train delays they will be a much happier guest.  Then have a coat check ready to go. Hint, women don’t want to cary their coat and bag around all night. It’s a huge no-no to let your guests juggle their things with the two hands they are trying to eat and drink with.
  3. Keep the drinks flowing! Have a well or even premium bar. From one event pro to another the difference in spend between a well bar and premium bar is only about $5 a person. The big savings is when you chose to skip the open bar and just go with a consumption based bar. During a 4 hour corporate event people only drink about $25 worth per person with a well bar or $30 with a premium. An open bar will cost about $45 or more per person.
  4. Add the DJ. The DJ provides the atmosphere for fun to happen. If you don’t add the DJ dancing won’t become an option. Even if you have a bunch of wall flowers on your guest list its better that they sit back and enjoy the music. You don’t want people to just leave after an hour of getting their fill on free food and boos. Let’s use this as an opportunity to build company bonds!

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