How to get the most out of your Brooklyn Wedding Budget


Hey, no one likes to waste money. Weddings in Brooklyn and NYC are expensive enough. We don’t want you to regret how you spend your hard earned wedding budget, or worse get too deep into wedding planning and realize you are WAY over budget and you haven’t even bought your dress yet. Let’s talk about some preventative measures before you find yourself deep in wedding bills and buyers remorse for your Brooklyn Wedding.

Cut venues with admin fees

Most venues charge around 20% in additional admin fees. This rule also applies to unnecessary hidden fees like coat check, cake cutting or corkage fees.

Cut venues that force you into an open bar

Paying for an open bar is paying a premium for paying up front. That seems backwards doesn’t it? During 5 hours most wedding guests consume about $45 per person worth of drinks, but most open bars are $70+ per person.

Book your Brooklyn wedding venue before the new year

Most venues raise their prices in January or February, so book before the New Year to make sure your not paying more for the exact same product.

Make sure your venue includes tables and chairs at the very least!

Things like tables, chairs, linens, china add up. Even if they are relatively low cost the delivery and pick up fees will throw it way over what you expected. Delivery fees can be about $500! There might even be set up fees. If the venue doesn’t allow pick ups at a certain time the vendor could charge you overages for you having to keep their equipment longer or the vendor picking up the equipment outside of normal hours. On the other side, venue could charge you an overage for having the venue open for your vendor outside of the time your reserved for your wedding.

Air on the side of quality of quantity

You don’t need every type of food station for cocktail hour, you don’t need 10 courses. Your guests won’t be that impressed by the amount of things you are offering. They will have decision fatigue and you want to make sure the things they are trying out of the dozens of options are exquisite. If you have 15 appetizer options and they eat three and they are only okay, that will be the impression they are left with. Amazing restaurants aren’t Zagat or Michelin Star rated because of their expansive menu, they are highly recognized because they do a few things better than anyone else.

This rule also applies to your guest count. The quickest way to save money is on your guest count. Most likely after 150 people you are not going to get around to see everyone much less notice they are there. Draw a line before you invite your 3rd cousin twice removed.

Save this image as your screen saver if you have to, so you can stick to a fool proof plan! 

Get the Most out of your Wedding Budget (1).jpg



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