Kids at Brooklyn Weddings

We’ve all been at that wedding where there’s a crying baby while the couple is exchanging vows. We’ve also been at that wedding where the angelic little girl scatters flowers across the aisle with a glowing smile on her face. There are definitely pros and cons to having children at a wedding, so what should we do for our own? Our consensus is you should not invite kids (or invite them sparingly) to your wedding and parent’s you deserve a night off, so treat yourself to a sitter because your friend or family members, a Brooklyn Wedding is the perfect excuse! 

Deity restaurant wedding

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3984

Deity restaurant wedding

Bar at a Wedding: If there is going to be a bar at your wedding, then it is not the most ideal situation for children to be present. Besides avoiding that drunk uncle who says more than he should have said in his toast, or that grandfather who sneaks some wine to your 10-year-old son. You wouldn’t normally bring your child to a bar anyway, so it’s in similar taste. Parents, you should have a couple drinks with your friends! 

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0156

Wedding Reception Dinner: Then, there’s a dinner hour you have to account for. Brides, do you really want to pay for a kids meal? This day should also be about the couple. They want to remember this reception with their close friend or family member who hopefully has their undivided attention. Parents, you might want to consider enjoying a much deserved evening talking to adults and greeting your friends and family, not dinner manners and picky eaters. 

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8061

Behavior: How many of your loved one’s children can you trust to behave themselves? How many people are bringing friends who have children you’ve never even met? There’s always the risk that kids will be wiping their mouths on the tablecloths, and running up onto the stage, while you’re in the middle of your vows, screaming. On the flip side, there are also those kids who start the dance party when no one else will join you for the Cha-Cha Slide. Children’s bedtime can come quickly which means parents of the child will have to go home when they do and your big day might come to an end earlier than you would like. 

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A Guest’s Perspective: We get it, it’s hard to find a good babysitter or friend to watch your kids while you’re gone. But, this is supposed to be a night where you relax, have fun, and celebrate your friend’s, and it would be a shame for it to turn into chaos instead. Plan ahead and talk to people you trust so you can guarantee having someone to watch your kids while you spend some time celebrating your loved one’s marriage! If the wedding ends up being a child friendly affair, this will be a memorable night for all of you! 

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0625

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