5 Pops of Color You Can’t Miss

This year’s weddings are all about maintaining that classic, white theme, while adding splashes of bold color throughout the celebration. Here are 5 tips on some of the most popular ways to make your Brooklyn wedding pop through color.

  1. PURPLE: Shades of purple are the trending colors of the year, because it’s Pantone color of the year. With purple being the color of royalty, it will be the perfect undertone to accompany you on your special day. Find unique ways to display your flowers and color pops, as shown in this photo. Combine design, textures, shapes, and create your own masterpiece display for the tables.deity blog color pop 2
  2. DETAILS: Add color to the smaller details so that they stand out and make a statement. Candlesticks and table trinkets are great items to use for this color pop! To add more flare to it, aim for textured looks; it draws more attention to the designs and makes the displays more interesting.Deity events blog candle 2
  3. FOOD: Consider incorporating more colored foods into the table display and meal as well. Not only does this move make your celebration more “instagram-worthy”, but colorful foods are more nutritious, and people feel happier digging into something that looks beautiful. For starters, some good foods to use for this trick are berries, papaya, orange, mango, kiwi, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and sweet potato. These fruits and veggies are naturally rich in color and in taste.Deity Brooklyn Wedding
  4. AISLE: Add an extra pop of color along your ceremony aisle! Traditionally, there are shades of white and green lining the aisle, but see this as an opportunity to tie in your wedding colors! If you’re leaning more towards the traditionally all-white flowers, try adding just a flower or two of your wedding colors into each pot. This is one decoration that can be easily overlooked as it blends into the chairs, so make sure to add a pop of color so those decorations don’t go unnoticed.deity events color pop 2
  5. BOUQUET: Single-stem bouquets are reflected in minimalistic trends this year, so embrace the simplicity of it while still adding your own pop of color! With a lighter bouquet, you’ll be able to move around better too without having to ask people to hold it for you so often. This pop of color really adds to your look since it will stand out against your white dress and add some flavor to a classic look.deity blog- color pop 2

These are only 5 ways we recommend you incorporate some color into your Brooklyn wedding venue, but remember to make this your own! Be creative with how you want to add splashes of color throughout your unique Brooklyn wedding.

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