Brooklyn Goddess’ Wear Capes

Not all heroes wear capes…unless they’re a 2018 bride! This year, empowering women is at an all-time high and it is reflected even in fashion. Capes are showing off women’s beauty through delicate design and sheer fabrics, while also adding an extra flare to their powerful, womanly figure. This is perhaps one of our favorite wedding trends of all time, the Deity wedding venue has goddess flair running through it’s vanes and the cape trend only makes it better. There is no better way to look like a goddess on your wedding day. Here are six women who wore their capes well and are inspiring brides across the nation to do the same.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 1

Designer- Alexandra Grecco

This cape peaks at your skin a little in the front, and delicately covers everything else for a bold, but elegant, look. It draws attention to your neck as well with the cinched neckline.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 2

Designed by Ivy and Aster

This cape has a fantastic, majestic look that will flow discreetly behind you throughout the night. Its shape and flow will complete your look while still keeping it simple.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 3

Designed by Justin Alexander

This cape is so subtle and simple that you’ll hardly notice it’s there. This is perfect if you’re looking for more of a light-weight cape that still adds flare to your dress. It goes well, as depicted, with a solid wedding dress so as to not bring in too many layered patterns.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 4

Designed by Melissa Sweet

This cape gives off angel vibes with its flow-y wings that draping off your shoulders. The beadwork adds an extra weight to keep everything in place, and still leave room for space on your overall look.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 5

Designed by Monique Lhuillier

With a cape like this, you’re making a powerful statement. This cape textures your look well and adds spunk to a simple dress. Pairing it with heels (as seen in the photo) or boots, you can amp up the power even more.

Deity Events Wedding Blog Capes 6

Designed by Zuhair Murad Bridal

This cape is a heavier, thicker material which would need to correlate well with the dress you choose. As it is more visible than the other capes, it gives off more royal vibes–or a woman in power. This cape is bound to get everyone’s attention and respect.

For your unique Brooklyn Wedding, don’t forget to flaunt your cape and wear it proudly. This is a statement that will complete your Brooklyn wedding day look and give you a little extra to shake on the dance floor too. See more trending cape styles on

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