Best Brooklyn Wedding According to your Zodiac

You know it’s going to be “all good vibes” at your wedding if it’s inspired by your Zodiac sign! With Cancer’s season ending and Leo coming into play, we’re going to focus this post on 5 ideas that will amp up your Leo-inspired wedding celebration! See all of your traits here.

Deity Wedding Blog Post- Astrology.jpeg

  1. Leos are kind and big-hearted. There are many ways you can incorporate this quality into your wedding–spending extra time in the greeting line, pampering your guests with an excess of gifts, etc. However, there’s a better way to show this kindness so you don’t lose more of your precious newly-wed money or wedding day stamina. In order to avoid pushing your limits, find another way to show your kind nature! One way to do this is through having a dance where people pay money to dance with the bride and groom, then to donate that money to their favorite charity. deity wedding blog 1.jpg
  2. Leos are energetic. Take advantage of this energy and infuse it into your celebration! Given, there are definitely times during a wedding ceremony and celebration where there should be greater reverence and calmer vibes, but once you’ve made it through your vows, hype up your guests! Your Wedding DJ should play some series party music to keep people interacting. Incorporate interactive displays or food throughout the room so your guests are entertained and the energy keeps flowing through the air. Maybe even switch up the vibes with a wardrobe change so you can break out your best dance moves better than you could in your elegant gown.
  3. Leos are optimistic. Have encouraging phrases strung throughout the room encouraging you to keep that numbing smile going and for your guests to keep theirs too. Incorporate your optimism and joy of life into your vows as well; talk about the positives that are coming rather than the difficulties you’ll “overcome together.” deity events wedding photo.jpg
  4. Leos are straightforward and impatient. (sorry!)  Be upfront with your guests and avoid the fluff. People want to be entertained just as much as you do while the program unfolds. So, let them know the schedule, and be realistic about how timely everything will be. Also, be straightforward with your loved ones. You’ve been in the receiving line for hours and you’re hungry? Ask someone to bring you food and eat while you greet. What matters is that you’re happy and your guests will be glad to see you’re taken care of on your special day.
  5. Leo’s element is fire! For being warm, confident leaders, Leos are pinned as reflecting the element of fire. Embrace this theme and incorporate it throughout your wedding. Incorporate candles, fireflies, stars, city lights, and anything else that reflects the feeling of those golden flames. Not only will you feel totally in your element, but your guests will feel the warmth of your presence as well.Deity Events Corporate7583 (1)

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