Light and Color in a Brooklyn Wedding

Brooklyn wedding ceremonies are following the exciting trends of this year, and we don’t want you to miss out on the most important ones. Couples are working more with color and the wedding venue to create the ambiance they want their guests to experience. Couples are accentuating their own unique wedding through a mixture of light, color, and nature in their celebration. 

First, let’s dive into the effects of light and natural light; this theme gives a feeling of being genuine and clarity. You can show this to your guests from the minute they show up through the atmosphere you create, so having an open and unique NYC wedding venue is important. 

Deity Events Decor

The more light, the better! Light gives a sense of joy that is difficult to portray through other means; so, find ways to let natural light seep through the windows into the happiest day of your life. Light also accents the symmetry of the venue, bringing in the theme of balance and order. Simply put, it’s more aesthetically pleasing. Having some extra Vitamin D at the celebration is also a subtle way of boosting the mood even more.

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot116

Photo by Hilo and Ginger


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Photo by Vivian Strayer

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Photo By Le Image

With so much light and space, adding pops of color to your Brooklyn Wedding is crucial. The brighter the colors, the more upbeat the environment–we want our guests to feel the same emotions we are on this special day!

This can be done through floral design throughout the space, however balloons are also growing in popularity as the year unravels.

Deity NYC Venue- Lounge 2Deity NYC Venue- Lounge 1

Another inspiring trend is to incorporate nature into your color splashes as much as possible. As there is greenery intertwined throughout and behind the balloons, it brings the outdoors inside for your unique Brooklyn wedding. If you need help choosing a color that is on trend try incorporating the Pantone color of 2018 in your wedding

Deity NYC Decor

Photo from

Deity NYC-231

Nyla Gray Photography

Deity restaurant wedding

Photo by Le Image Photography

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Photo by Le Image Photography


Photo By George Street Photo and Video


Photo by Le Image Photography and Flowers by Floral Heights

Nature brings your wedding vows back to the roots of it all–being surrounded by the rawest form of life. Some of the most peaceful moments we have in our lives are when we are surrounded by nature, so bringing nature to your wedding amplifies the joy of this day even more.

Deity Events Wedding2133 2 (1)Deity Brooklyn Wedding 6Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0771

Now that you’ve found out some of the secrets to making your wedding stand out among the others, get creative and put your own spin on it! What form of nature do you connect with most? What colors give off the right vibes for your personality? Define this day by your individuality as a couple and make it your own through transparency, light, color, and nature.

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