Is Mercury Messing with your Brooklyn Wedding Planning?

With Mercury going into retrograde July 26th to August 19th, you might be a little worried about how your wedding planning is going to play out. Unfortunately, it’s not just Cancers and Leos who will be affected by this one, either–this is one energy shift that no sign can escape. Retrograde motion is an optical illusion where a planet seems to be moving in the opposite direction. It’s caused by differences in orbit, and although it seems harmless, “in the realm of astrology, retrograde motion has negative connotations,” says Wilder Davies at Time Magazine. Since Mercury is believed to “rule communication”, people typically experience frequent misunderstandings, scheduling problems, and disagreements with friends during this period,” says Davies.

However, astrological beliefs aren’t going to forfeit your perfect Brooklyn wedding! Here are 5 tips on how to overcome communication issues during this time:

  1. Focus on the prefix “re-” (which means “to go back”). Review contracts before you sign them, renew your commitments rather than making new ones, reunite with old friends, and prepare to repeat yourself often. ( Basically, check yourself before making big changes, and communicate understanding to those with whom you’re associating.Deity Events Wedding Planning Blog
  2. Have patience. Allow yourself time to work on wedding details and give yourself realistic timelines so you’re not rushing or stressing to get them done. Be patient when things don’t go as planned or people don’t finish their jobs on time; this will be an extra confusing time for everyone, so mistakes are bound to happen. Know that everything is going to work out, but it just might take a little longer than expected–so, plan with some wiggle room for mistakes. deity wedding planning blog
  3. Be real with yourself and those around you so you’re all on the same page. Communicate what you want in a calm manner and work on your listening skills. The more you put in effort to understand those around you, the more you can overcome those communication blocks and work together in unity. Deity Events Wedding Blog 2
  4. When miscommunications occur, start off by recognizing that Mercury is in retrograde (that way you both get a good laugh in and can break the tension). Then, hear them out once you’ve explained your genuine intentions. deity wedding planning blog 4
  5. Understand that this is astrology, not cold, hard facts. For some, astrology really is spot-on for all of their daily actions and feelings. However, for others it’s actually never true. Don’t let this retrograde dictate how things are going to play out in your life! Who knows–you might actually be sharper, more productive, and have a clearer mind during this time! Take action, stay motivated, and, if it helps, just forget Mercury’s doing its optical illusion on you altogether.

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