10 Best Wedding Hair Pieces for 2018

This is the year that classy, minimalist design takes over weddings. Nature is intertwined into decorations, clothing, and everything in between. For your Brooklyn wedding, make sure to incorporate this “elegant but natural” look into what you’re wearing! Here are some of the best hair pieces we found to complete your wedding look! If you need help recreating this look on your wedding day. Look no further than our Deity’s recommended hair stylist. To complete the look use Irene O’Brien for wedding makeup artistry

If your hair is pulled back, but still covering your neck, we recommend these hair pieces:

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post8

This first one draws the focus upward as the vines climb up away from the hair. Its delicate branch design gives a light feeling of joy.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post3

This second one is very subtle and keeps the theme of crystallized nature delicately placed in your hair. It adds to the already-volumized hair.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post9

These next few pieces work well for both hair that is pulled up and that which is let down:

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post6

When this headband is coupled with hair tied up, it becomes the focus of the hair style. However, when it is used with hair let down, it winds its way through, peaking out among your locks in a more subtle way. The three bands allow the hairband to distribute its pressure as well so the backs of your ears don’t hurt as much as normal headbands do.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post2

This hair piece looks more like a loose, floral crown than a headband. The way it hangs draws onlookers back to your eyes and smile as the night unfolds. Whether your hair is up or down, it gives the idea that you are royalty.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post7

This hairpiece has aspects of a baby breath floral arrangement, and serves as a reminder of delicate, natural beauty. This works well with hair tied up, or hair half up, half down.

The last few hairpieces we chose are for the ladies who don’t want to have to worry about fixing their hair all night; with hair fixed up, these accents are sure to secure the look and the locks: 

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post4

This hairpiece tucks nature into your locks with dainty, natural design. It’s an easy way to add texture to something as simple as a bun or a ponytail.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post1

This one is similar to the previous one in that it has little pieces that seem to be sprouting as well. However, this is a smaller version that is lighter for those of you with already-thick, heavy hair.

Deity NYC- Hair Style Post 10

The last one we chose to highlight is this piece which is similar to the previous two, but includes a veil. The veil melts the delicate floral design through the rest of the hair and adds an extra graceful flow to your walk.

With so many great options to accent your ultimate wedding look, first decide on the hair you would feel most comfortable in and then look at what options fit that hairstyle best. A subtle floral design sewn into your hair will complete your look better than pins or clips. Add more movement to your look for a livelier feeling.

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