Being Real with your Brooklyn Wedding Prep

With Mercury about to be in retrograde, wedding planning might be a little chaotic. But a lot of that stress can be avoided when we are real with ourselves! Instead of figuring out who we should and shouldn’t invite, consider having a smaller, more intimate wedding. This year, the trend for couples is to have only two or three bridesmaids and groomsmen rather than last year’s numbers of ten each. With smaller numbers, your Brooklyn wedding will feel more tight-knit, and the venue will feel more spacious as well.

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot185

Photo by Hilo and Ginger

NYC wedding photography at the Deity in Brooklyn wedding venue

Photo by Le Image

Now, after you’ve decided who you’re inviting to the wedding, think outside the box when making your invitations! Your unique Brooklyn wedding requires some unique wedding invitations–where textures and materials combine. This year’s trend is to incorporate materials such as “fabric, acrylic, leather, and metal.” Having an invitation that’s exciting to open, more than just a card-stock invite with a photo, will increase your guests’ desire to see what else awaits them at your celebration. Your invitations foreshadow the feel of your wedding, so get creative! We have more tips for sending out your invitations and other stationary for your wedding. 

Deity Events- Wedding Invite

Photo from Pinterest

Once the invitations are out, couples usually register their names at their favorite stores. Typically they choose their favorite dishes, house decor, bathroom soap dispensers, etc. Enough with the house decor–this year, be real with yourselves and your guests. Ask for the things you truly want. This is yet another trend revealing itself nationwide. This year, couples are asking for couple massages, toilet paper, and even metro cards; yes, one-month, unlimited is preferred. You can get around to decorating your living space later, but right now is the time to ask for the pampering you deserve and the costs you’re not down to pay for at the moment. Thank goodness for technology, because you can create your unique registry on Zola. 

Deity Events Blog- Prefered Gift Items

Now, for the location of all of your celebrating, find a unique NYC wedding venue. Find a place where you can show off both your personality and the late-night energy of NYC! This is “The City that Never Sleeps,” so don’t catch your guests snoozing on your special day. Being real with your loved ones on your wedding day means having your Brooklyn Wedding DJ play the music that brings out your true dance moves, having your favorite foods and snacks from your wedding catering, and being down-to-earth about how much these people mean to you. Yes, this day is about you, but it is also a time to celebrate well with your closest family and friends.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Photo by Le Image Photography

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Photo by Le Image Photography

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Photo by Le Image Photography

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