Experience Over Extravagance in Brooklyn Weddings

Following the trends of transparency in 2018, couples are making their ceremonies more about genuine experiences for their loved ones and less about the intricacies of decor. Here are a few tips on how to amplify your wedding experience for your guests.

Destination weddings were all the rave last year because they bring your closest loved ones together to some tropical or exclusive location, creating memories that only those present can attest to. Although this is still a riveting option, this year things are changing: rather than traveling to incorporate another country’s culture into the wedding, couples are focusing on diving into the culture that surrounds them in their very own hometowns! We can only see this trend will persist due to the Meghan Markle effect on wedding trends.

If you’re looking to tie New York culture into your Brooklyn wedding, Deity Events has the perfect feel for you. With their velvet-covered seats and treetops draped overhead, you can’t help but feel like you’re walking through New York’s unique scenery. Embrace New York’s culture and immerse your guests in an experience that only your celebration can offer.

Deity NYC Venue- Lounge 1

As for the overall experience at the wedding, guests are looking more to be entertained than they are to receive the lavish gifts on their way out. For Brooklyn wedding catering, think outside the box and find foods that have pops of flavor! Incorporate your culture into the foods you want at your wedding so everyone can get a taste of your personality–this is your day to go all out and have your friends and family experience what makes you happiest. You want tacos from your favorite street taco vendor? Cut a deal with them and have them be your “wedding favor” or “midnight meal” towards the end of your wedding. You want the savory flavor of Grimaldi’s? Bring on the pizza.

deity events creative catering.jpeg

Photo from cuteweddingideas.com

Another trend wedding cuisine is focusing on this year, is making the process of making the food part of the experience! Interactive cuisine is more intriguing and gets the guests more involved in their savory experience. Food that can be cooked front of them, set on fire, constructed by themselves, or hung from installations are great ideas to build off of.

This day is about you and your spouse! Incorporate your own culture into your Brooklyn wedding! Now, food should not be the only part of your wedding that keeps people talking–interactive displays are a must this year. After-all Brooklyn’s food culture is a huge part of people loving Brooklyn. Bride’s Blog suggests that you incorporate a pop-up museum where guests can move through interesting art installations, take photos, eat small bites and drinks, and have a totally unique, immersive, and creative experience.” If museums aren’t your thing, donut walls are a growing favorite as well.

To top off the overall experience for your guests, live music is also a necessity. Find a band that can do it all–you know those 80’s classics are a must, but so are The Chainsmokers’ tunes to keep your younger friends dancing. 

The more interactive your program, the more your guests are going to appreciate spending their night celebrating your happiness. Here is out how to decide if a Band or DJ is right for your Brooklyn Wedding

Make this night less about the pricey gifts and food and more about your culture, your genuine personality, and spending time with those you love!

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