Band or DJ at for a Brooklyn Wedding?

The infamous question- Should we book a band or a cool Brooklyn DJ for our Brooklyn Wedding? Bands are a lot of fun and very entertaining, but there are some things to consider before searching for a band to book. Here are some questions to ask yourself before ditching the DJ and looking for a band.

1. Do you have a dancing crowd? If you have a dancing crowd you might want to consider a Brooklyn Wedding DJ because most people want to watch bands not necessarily dance to them. A DJ can also read the crowd and change up the music to match the crowds mood or bring some energy into the crowd if needed.

2. Do you have a few specific songs you want to be dancing too? The DJ can play those songs, but a band will usually stick to their set list.

3. Do you have the space? Depending on the number of people and the equipment of these bands, they take up a lot of space on what could be your dance floor.

4. Will they bringing their own equipment? Some bands don’t want to bring in their own drum set or other large equipment like amplifiers to set up, so you need to check with the venue if they have it. However, it’s hard for venues to have the bands hook up to their sound system. It’s easily incompatible or dangerous to the venues system so they will probably need to bring their own sound equipment, so make sure your band comes equipped.

5. Do you have time to coordinate? Bands take time to coordinate arrival and sound check. Remember there are multiple people in a band meaning they often arrive at different times and there is a lot of sitting around and waiting for set up and sound check. Check with your venue and see if they will take this off your plate for you.



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