Photographer Spotlight on David Perlman

In case you haven’t heard of him- David Perlman quickly became one of our favorite Brooklyn Wedding photographers to work with and scaled his way to our recommended vendor list. His enthusiasm and diligence in making sure to get the best shots possible for your Brooklyn Wedding is the warm hug you need on such an important day. We saw so many special moments with him from behind the lens, so we were excited to see what the results had in store. Spoiler alert- they did not disappoint! 


What got you into photography?

Growing up, I was pretty much always doing one of two things: acting/singing in a musical or making movies with my friends with my parents’ camcorder.  I loved telling stories, and I loved collaborating with people! I was also always that person taking pictures at every event or birthday, and I was constantly taking photos backstage at shows.  I just loved capturing memories. In college, I majored in Film & TV production at NYU, and the entire freshman year was Photography. That’s where I really learned how to use a camera and how to look for light.  My favorite subjects to photograph were always people!! I’ve always loved capturing humanity, emotions, and moments.

I was actually a professional actor/singer for many years, performing on Broadway and all over the world!  In 2010, I decided I also wanted to be a headshot photographer, and that was such a fun side gig for me. Pretty soon, I got swept up into the world of weddings, and I became addicted (keep reading for more on how that happened!).  Now I am a full-time photographer, and I absolutely love it!

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What do you think is your style? What makes you stand out from other photographers?

The most important thing about the way I work is that I am passionately committed to creating a sense of joy and ease throughout the day.  I’m not afraid to step in and lead when it comes time for family formals, but I also love to try to disappear and capture true, authentic moments as they are happening.  My style on the wedding day is to be able to read the situation and make the best possible experience for everyone. If something real and authentic is happening, I will capture it.  If people are unsure of what to do or need direction, I’m happy to jump in and get things going.

Whether I’m nudging things along or simply letting them happen, I like for the moments to feel natural, candid, and authentic.  A few times every wedding, I’ll see an opportunity that I think can be turned into something epic and creative, and if the couple is up for that, that is fun too!!  But for the most part, I want the photos to capture humanity, rather than feeling overly posed.

I also like for my photographs to feel clean, vibrant, and crisp.  There are always trends in wedding photography (for instance, right now there’s a lot of “bright and airy” and “dark and moody”), and I can’t bring myself to get into them.  I’m not knocking those trends at all, because they are beautiful and have merit, but I don’t want my photos to be outdated in 10 or 20 or 50 or 100 years. I like my photos to feel vibrant and alive with a timeless editing style that almost seems as if it came out of the camera that way (but better of course!).




What is your favorite activities to do in Brooklyn?

I actually lived in Greenpoint for a bit during college!  I absolutely loved the neighborhood because it was so family-oriented and so much quieter than Manhattan.  Also, I have very sentimental feelings about the Brooklyn Promenade because my husband and I spent our first Anniversary there in 2011.  (Our getting-together anniversary, not our wedding anniversary)

Deity NYC Wedding_1799Deity NYC Wedding-768

What is one of your favorite memories of a time where you were photographing a wedding?

First of all, I cry at every wedding.  It happens without fail. Sometimes I get through a ceremony and think “Oh, maybe I won’t cry this time,” but then someone will get me with a toast.  Or the first dance. Or sometimes it’s someone saying goodbye at the end of the night! I don’t know about my favorite moment, but the wedding I shot this past weekend….  I accidentally stayed for an extra hour! I was actually having so much fun and was so into this wedding, and I looked at my phone, and it was 55 minutes after I was supposed to have left.  I couldn’t believe it! (Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that this will happen at your wedding!!!! 😛 Actually, it was a fluke and may never happen again!)

I’ll also never forget the very first time I was shooting a wedding.  I was shadowing another photographer who was kind enough to invite me along to the wedding to see what it was like.  It was time for the first look, and everyone was asked to leave the room. The whole wedding party, the parents, the hair and makeup artists.  Everyone left. But I got to stay. I actually put up a little partition so the groom could come in without seeing his bride. When the first look happened, this couple looked at each other with tears in their eyes.  “Oh my god, this is happening”, she said. They were crying, I was crying, and I thought “Wow. I get to be here for this.” This girl’s mother was just kicked out of the room, and I get to be here for this. For this intimate, emotional, once-in-a-lifetime moment.  That’s when I decided that I needed to keep doing this.

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