Brooklyn Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

An important day is bound to have something to go go wrong. The only thing you can do about it is be prepared! We put together a list of all the things to bring for those unexpected moments that may happen. Brides you can’t think of absolutely everything, so pass this on to your maid of honor or another bride’s maid, so they can put this kit together for you and are able jump into action if something happens!

  1. Sewing Kit for obvious rips and tears1-87-Deity Events Sherry and Justin6947-Edit (1)

  2. Super Glue for any jewelry breakage Deity Events Gatsby Shoot21Deity Events Gatsby Shoot28

  3. Clear Nail Polish to stop a stalking run deity-events-wedding0990

  4. Snacks to prevents hanger when you don’t have time to run out and get something when you are too busy getting ready

  5. Tissues for all the happy tearsDeity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8066

  6. Mints because it’s a long day of talking to people and smooching your new groom!

  7. Bobby Pins just incase your hair comes lose when you finally get to the dancing

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    Deity Brooklyn Wedding

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  8. Cash, IDs and Cell Phone are all things the bride will most likely need during the day, but won’t want to have on her.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

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