Ways to Honor Missed Loved Ones at a Brooklyn Wedding

Weddings can be an emotional time especially when you are missing a loved one that you wish you could share this special moment with. There are great ways to incorporate their spirit into your Wedding Day to honor the loved one you lost. Here are some of the most creative ways to pay your respects during your Brooklyn Wedding

Write a message to them in your wedding program

This may be the most intentional way to get across your heartfelt thoughts and feelings you want to share about this special person. It’s a very thoughtful way of recognizing them as a significant roll in your day even though they cannot be physically present.

Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6445

Robert Carlo | New York

Wear or cary something with you that is theirs.

If you want to cary that person with you all day you can sew in a piece of clothing of theirs inside your dress or suit jacket, put the heirloom into your bouquet, or even wear their perfume or cologne.

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot27

Hilo and Ginger

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2998

Robert Carlo | New York

Incorporate a special, flower, dessert or song.

If you would have wanted this loved ones opinion on the wedding planning, you can add they a few of their favorite things into your wedding such as, dessert choices, a special song or two, flowers, even specialty cocktails.

Deity Events wedding- Samantha and EvanDeity Events Wedding Venue

Leave a chair empty with a framed photo of the person.

If you want to make it feel as though your loved one is there watching you say your vows for that significant moment in your life, you can give them a seat front and center and place a photo of them on it framed. You can look at the photo to remind you of them.

Deity restaurant wedding

Le Image

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

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