How to Have a Party at Your Brooklyn Wedding


DJ Jamal  from Deity Events is sat down with us for this blog post. This is not your typical cheesy Wedding DJ or dance floor.  DJ Jamal has been a big part of Brooklyn’s Hip Hop scene for many years. We are extremely excited that our Deity DJs  help represent the true culture of Brooklyn. Today he is  going to give us his favorite songs to play and tips on how to get the party started!

Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-452

Wedding Favorites Requested from Couples

Processional: “A Thousand years” The Piano Guys

Recessional: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” Stevie Wonder

First dance: “All of Me” John Legend

Cake Cutting: “Love on Top” Beyonce

Grand Entrance: “We Found Love” Rihanna
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Parent dances are usually sentimental but a few popular ones are

“Fathers & Daughters” Michael Bolton

“What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong

“A Song For Mama” Boyz II Men

“Isn’t She Lovely” Stevie Wonder”

“The Way You Look Tonight” Frank Sinatra


Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-501Deity Brooklyn Wedding

My Top 10 Party songs (in no particular order):

1.  “Shut up & Dance” Walk the Moon

2.  “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Whitney Houston

3.  “Uptown Funk” Bruno Mars

4.  “You Make My Dreams” Hall & Oates

5.  “Vivir Mi Vida” Marc Anthony

6.  “Ignition Remix” R. Kelly

7.  “Hey Ya” Outkast

8.  “This is How We Do It” Montell Jordan

9.  “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey

10.””Apache” Sugar Hill Gang


Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-511Deity Brooklyn Wedding

A few tips when selecting music for the wedding reception

When creating a song request list think of danceable popular songs.  A lot of couples make the mistake of picking favorites from their iPod, but they don’t always translate well on to the dance floor or the songs are too obscure.

Most people want a fun & upbeat reception, but they send me a list w/ slow songs on it.  There’s never really a good time to play slow songs because in the beginning you want to set the tone & keep the energy high.  In the middle if you play slow songs people will think its almost over & also you have to work hard to get the energy back in the room.  The only time it works is at the very end, and even then most people would rather end on a high note. My suggestion is to include all your favorite slow songs on a playlist during dinner.  Another alternative is have your guests join in during the end of the first dance/parent dances.

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