Your “Royal” Brooklyn Wedding

Have your own royal wedding! We loved this royal wedding above all else, because it was truly unique, relatable and possible to incorporate it’s elements into your wedding. Meghan Markel is progressive, feminist and is not afraid to be herself. Below is a simple made guide to making your Wedding Day as special as Meghan and Harry’s Royal wedding.

1. Have your Wedding close to home

The Royal Wedding took place close to home. They were married at St George’s Chapel near Windsor Castle where the couple will reside. The Meghan Markel affect, might cause people to search for the wedding venue closer to their Brooklyn neighborhood for guests to enjoy pieces of their lives they experience everyday.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity NYC-284.JPGDeity Brooklyn Wedding


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2. Wedding Flower choices were simple and was a symbol of their roots.

Meghan Markel’s garden flowers were princess Diana’s favorite flower and we loved the sentiment behind the simple bushel she held walking down the aisle. To channel Meghan Markel and a little piece of even princess Diana chose a small simple bouquet made up of flowers grown locally. Meghan Markel’s simple bouquet consisted of white garden roses, foxgloves and branches of beech.

deity inspiration of wedding flowers

Photo from Daily Express UK

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3. The dress choice was something you could totally wear!

The dress was modern, fitted, yet some how empowering; perhaps it was the statuesque silhouette. The dress allowed for her natural beauty to shine, freckles and all.

Deity Events Dress Inspiration

Photo from Cosmopolitan Magazine

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4. Originality!

Perhaps our favorite thing about the day was the unique wedding style that represented the couple and we hope every wedding is as unique to the couple. Also, finally a multicultural wedding in the royal family, because love is love!

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Deity Brooklyn Wedding

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Deity Brooklyn Wedding

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