Activities for your Brooklyn Wedding Guests

Don’t stress about making an itinerary for your guests the weekend of your wedding. You have other things to worry about! If your guests are traveling to Brooklyn for your wedding and you want to make it a more homey experience for them to explore the neighborhood you know and love. Here are 10 suggestions on some of the greatest places around our Brooklyn Wedding Venue that they can explore close to their hotels in the Brooklyn area


Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 

trip near deity events.jpg

One stop on the 4 or 5 train will take you to the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Museum



destination by deity events.jpgThe museum is right in front of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and on the edge of Prospect Park. These three activities together is a full day full of art and culture in Brooklyn.

Prospect Park

destination near deity events.jpg

A gorgeous place to have a stroll. This park was designed by the same partners who designed Central Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park 

brooklyn Bridge Park Near Deity events.jpgJane's carousel near deity events.jpgDeity Events near Brooklyn Bridge.jpg

A closer option to Deity and most likely your guests hotels is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. They will get a great view of the city maybe take a ride on Jane’s Carousel and then walk over the Brooklyn Bridge! If your guests get tired walking everywhere they could use a City Bike. If they are staying at the NU Hotel Brooklyn there are free bikes for the guests to use.

Brooklyn Street Art Walking Tour 

street art near deity events.jpgstreet art near deity events 2.jpg


Sunday Funday Boozy Brooklyn Tour

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.59.24 PM.png

After a Saturday Wedding while you sleep in and relax as a newlywed your guests can enjoy this tour through Trip Advisor.

Brooklyn Navy Yard 

Brooklyn Navy Yard near Deity Events.jpg

Your history buffs can learn about World War II History at the Navy Yard.




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