Planning the Honeymoon

Recently CNBC came out with an article “5 tips to plan the perfect honeymoon, according to experts.” There are a few tips from Wedding Experts and a few tips from Money Experts, so you get the best of both worlds when planning your honeymoon. At Deity Events we like to keep the wedding planning stress free from the beginning stages of booking a Brooklyn Wedding Venue all the way to the sweet reward of your honeymoon! 

  1. “Top-line your three favorite things, not destinations,” Jenna Mahoney, travel editor for Bridal Guide. Yes, we couldn’t agree more. Ask yourself what do I want to do, then decide on a place. Don’t jump straight for the trendy island your friends honeymooned, it may not be right for what your interests are.

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  2. Jonathan Im from CNBC says start a “honeyfund”early. This is a great idea, because weddings can be expensive its not only great to have a goal in mind early in the planning process and something to take you mind off only wedding planning. You can use Zola’s honeymoon registry option to help crowd fund parts of your honeymoon as part of your wedding gifts. You can “Brainstorm some activities that you love and give your wedding guests the option to formulate an itinerary for you,” Methfessel tells CNBC Make It. Your guests giving the gift will feel more a part of the action.

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  3. Another good money saving tip from your CNBC experts is to take your honeymoon during the off-season of your destination. Not only will you get a nice discount from your wedding venue by booking off-season, but after with lower prices on airfare and hotels those savings will add up!

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  4. Mahoney from Bridal Guide also says “The last thing I want to do as a newlywed is get on a 20-hour flight somewhere after entertaining tons of people, having an emotional weekend and dropping loads of cash.” Instead she recommends maybe a “mini-moon.” Most people are traveling for your wedding and taking time off to come visit, so you should allow yourself to do the same. Just take a couple days of R&R before having to jump straight into being away on a long trip. This gives you the time to properly save and even think more about what is it you want out of your honeymoon.

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  5. Great money saving tip from CNBC is to stay brand loyal with Hotels from your wedding destination to your honeymoon destination. You may be able to get a better rate when you are booking all of your hotels for guests and yourselves for your wedding weekend and a hotel at your honeymoon destination if it’s by the same hotel brand.  “The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok will likely offer you something special to honeymoon there. It happens all the time,” says Mahoney.


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