Original Gifts to Get your Brooklyn Bride


Hey Brooklyn brides and grooms! We are helping you out with some gift ideas for your unique Brooklyn Bride or Groom for your Brooklyn Wedding day. Wedding gifts are something that most couples might feel is an unnecessary addition to an expensive day as it is, but we urge you not to skip this step! At the end of a long strenuous wedding planning process it is a nice gesture to commemorate the time as an engaged couple and acknowledge the anticipation you both are feeling on your special day.  At our Brooklyn Wedding Venue, we celebrate uniqueness and our couples are no exception. Your Brooklyn Bride or Groom most likely wants nothing, but thoughtful and create gifts which can leave you stumped. We are here to help. 

Things you can do together


A chocolate making class. Another create touch to a classic gift. Who needs a box of chocolates when you both know how to make your perfect chocolate anytime you like.

Wine tasting tour around the city

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.26.15 AM.png

Enjoy all the wine NYC and Brooklyn has to offer. Enjoy a wine tasting tour during the weekend together. It will be a great mini escape.

Book a Photographer for Your First Anniversary

To show you are looking forward to the future together you can book a photographer for  your first anniversary. You can start a tradition of taking family photos together year after year to savor all the memories. Take it a step further by book your wedding photographer. It will be a fun flashback to your wedding day.

Long Lasting Gifts

These Roses that Last One Whole Year

La Fleur Bouquet roses are gorgeous and last a whole year! This is an twist to a classic gift that will leave her stunned.

Birch Box or Ipsy

For your makeup guru or anyone obsessed with finding the best products. These delivery boxes are custom made to what she is interested in and deliver it to her doorstep.

Le Tote

For you fashionista or shopaholic! Le Tote is an outfit subscription system that delivers clothes tailored to your preference. It also allows you to try new things and styles without any commitment to purchasing.


Feed her delicious snacks! This has to be one of our favorites because love can be truly shared through good food! This is a creative way to show you are really thinking about her. The best part is she didn’t have to go shopping for them or feel guilty about buying some little indulgences herself.

Fab Fit Fun

For your gym rat. This subscription service sends work out clothes, accessories and products that are delivered each season. This is a great gift to show you appreciate her working on her great physique!

A Gag Gift

Perfect for your party animal! This is a new product being called the “hang over cure.” This will come in handy for you both the for the day after your wedding especially if you have a wedding brunch planned for the next morning. Reviews believe it’s amazing hydrating powers of Morning Recovery.


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