Natural Wedding Look

Brooklyn Brides are confident, relaxed and unique. Unique weddings at our Brooklyn Wedding Venue is kinda our thing. There is a new trend spreading that I think could be very appealing to our beautiful Brooklyn Brides. Some brides are choosing not to wear any makeup on their wedding day. This au natural idea has kicked off some major conversation by Glamour, Wedding Wire and now even the New York Times did some investigating on the subject. Here are our 10 thoughts about this new trend. Are you thinking of trying this out? Let us know your thoughts!

  1. We love that women are feeling confident enough to feel beautiful with no makeup on one of the biggest days of their life.
  2. Don’t worry about being expected to participate anytime soon. While it can be a nice sentiment and mean more to some than other’s it is far from becoming the norm anytime soon.Deity Brooklyn Wedding
  3. To quote Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please, “great for you, but that’s not for me.” In other words, if you don’t feel totally ready to throw out your makeup routine on your big day that is okay! Deity Events Gatsby Shoot38
  4. Your wedding day is a high stakes day to bet your skin to be clear and near perfect.
  5. Plan ‘A’ can always be no make up, but for plan ‘B’ you can bring your makeup bag along incase of a pimple emergency.
  6. It’s not about looking perfect, it’s about looking like yourself. BrooklynStyledShoot-0172
  7. A Bride’s experience tells us that, it’s not necessarily cheaper than hiring a makeup artist. If your skin has to look perfect most brides planning to go makeup-less will double up on expensive facials and cleansers. However, investing in your skin is better than investing in makeup.

    Deity Events Blog 2

    Shauna Stribula on her wedding day. Credit Konrad Brattke

  8. Aestheticians say, it might take longer than expected to achieve your best skin for your wedding day. Your skin needs to heal from heavy makeup use. You will want to allow your skin to breath for at least 1-2 weeks to allow your pores to shrink. In that time you should also be doubling up on the hydration to create a natural glow.

  9. Some people view it as a stand on the unfair expectations we put on brides.

    Deity Events Blog

    Laurie Huff on her wedding day. Credit Morris Weintraub

  10. Photographers feel that you might look more washed out on your wedding day without adding a little color.

I think it’s safe to say, “everything in moderation.”Experts agree that going with a natural makeup application instead of ditching it altogether in order to get an even toned and glowing look. It’s okay to look more like yourself than a beauty pageant contestant on your wedding day.  If you want to see if you are up for the challenge of a wearing no makeup on your wedding day, here is a mini challenge you can do before your wedding day. Just go one whole week without makeup day or night! A few women at Buzzfeed tried it and their experience is not what they expected.

Before we push you into the deep end with this no makeup challenge. Check out this  video that shows a great routine for looking and feeling beautiful without any makeup to help make the challenge a little easier.


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