Pantone Color to use for Brooklyn Weddings this Spring/ Summer

Finding the perfect wedding color can be tricky. While planning a stylish Brooklyn wedding often couples go back and forth between finding a balance between being original, but not out there enough that you would cringe at your choices 20 years from now. That’s a lot of pressure and we know it! You may be aware of 2018’s Pantone color is Ultra Violet, but now we are taking some of our favorite ideas to help you incorporate this color in your finishing touches to your wedding decor that will definitely work at  our Brooklyn Wedding Venue, Deity Events. Take a look at some of the best ways we have seen this color incorporated to seriously wow your guests of your taste and creative spirit! 

  1. Mix it into your bouquet. We particularly love the way succulents were also used which is another trend we are obsessed with! Our vendor, Floral Heights can help you out with executing this!

Deity Events Brooklyn Wedding Venue

2. This casual ultra violet pastel floral dress for your bridesmaids, brunch outfit or rehearsal dinner outfit. It’s a steal on Chic Wish for only $54!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.17.42 PM

3. A Marble textured cake! Ask our recommended wedding vendor, Betty Bakery, to replicate this look.


4. Of course it all starts with Wedding invitations. These beauties are from JadeForestDesign. You can find more Pantone colors that are customizable from Basic Invites.

Deity Events Brooklyn Wedding Venue

5. These fantastic name cards. This great idea we saw on Perfectly Planned 4 You.

Deity Events Wedding Venue

6. Glamour Gleam recommends it as a super fun lip color. You may be wearing white to your wedding, but your lips don’t have to! Let them pop in this years Pantone color. Book our Brooklyn Makeup Artist, to help you with Pantone’s color for your lips.

deity events wedding venue

5. DIY floral decor. We can just see these hanging over the sweet hear table or in the front of the room where you get married. What a backdrop!

deity events wedding venue decor

6. Hey, men can be stylish too. Black Lapel can help them out with this fantastic jacket!

Deity Events Wedding Venue Fashion

7. It’s your wedding, live a little in these stylish and comfortable, Prada Pumps!

deity events wedding venue pantone color

8. Thank You Tags, for your wedding favor.

deity events wedding venue thank you tags

9. Custom Beer Labels! Deity Events is the only Wedding Venue in Brooklyn with an exclusive partnership with Unlimited Brewing Company. Which means you literally can’t get your beer made for your wedding anywhere else. Neil can help you custom design your label to match your favorite flavor of beer. You can serve these beers to your guests or give them out as favors at the end of the night!

Deity Events Custom Beer 2


There you have it, tasteful ways to incorporate Pantone’s 2018 color Ultra Violet, to your wedding!

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