NYC Wedding Photographer | Robert Carlo

The trifecta of what we need to decide to feature a photographer is, we see them become return photographers at our Brooklyn venue, we hear that the couples enjoyed working with them, and the photos come out phenomenal! Over the last few years of working with Deity Events and couples all around NYC and Brooklyn. This photographer is truly the triple threat we look for! Check out the classic look is truly breathtaking from Robert Carlo | New York. 


About Robert Carlo | Photography: Robert Carlo is a Published and Award Winning American Photographer Who Lives And Works In New York City. A respected member Of The WPJA Wedding Photojournalistic Association, Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Fearless Photographers. Specializing in Wedding, event, style, and Commercial Photography. His style has been described as modern, elegant, classic and real. Stop by his Studio for a drink and good conversation! Located in Brooklyn, NY.

Dennis and Rinah

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0128

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0156

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0625

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2639

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2771

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0165

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0364

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2998

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3095

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3798

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3835

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0771Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3984

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0832

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0834

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4010

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0686

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4502Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4368

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4370

Dayna and Roger

Deity NYC Dayna and Roger3212Deity NYC Dayna and Roger9492Deity NYC Dayna and Roger3433Deity NYC Dayna and Roger9537Deity NYC Dayna and Roger9539Deity NYC Dayna and Roger9618Deity NYC Dayna and Roger9635Deity NYC Dayna and Roger3829Deity NYC Dayna and Roger0069Deity NYC Dayna and Roger0074Deity NYC Dayna and Roger0304Deity NYC Dayna and Roger0747Deity NYC Dayna and Roger0813 

Hannah and John

Deity NYC Hannah and John_9015Deity NYC Hannah and John_9136Deity NYC Hannah and John_9144Deity NYC Hannah and John_9301Deity NYC Hannah and John8070Deity NYC Hannah and John_0054Deity NYC Hannah and John_0340Deity NYC Hannah and John_0358


Ida and Tinoy

Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6097 (1)Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6128Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6347Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6445Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6712Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6851Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6862Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6868Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_6886Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7563Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7816Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7872Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7892Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7911Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_7992Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8025Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8056Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8061Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8066Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8191Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8214Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8233Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8249Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8285Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8323Deity NYC Ida and Tinoy_8731

Jessica and GregDeity Events3579Deity Events3587Deity Events3713Deity Events3959Deity Events4123Deity Events4185Deity Events4278Deity Events4449Deity Events4455Deity Events4457Deity Events4512Deity Events4609Deity Events4756Deity Events4765Deity Events4773Deity Events4994

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