Finding a Custom Suit for your NYC Wedding

Don’t stress about making sure your man looks as good as you do while walking down the aisle at Deity Events. Our new recommended vendor, Black Lapel has quite a reputation in the wedding circuit because they really know how to find a suit that honestly matches the man wearing it and they take serious pride in making sure it has the perfectly tailored look. Black Lapel is even giving Deity customers a 10% discount with the code “Deity10.” If you feel like the men at your wedding are going to be lost while trying to find the perfect suit please have him read this Vendor Spotlight with the Black Lapel, who is offering advice for finding that perfect suit. Then they should email Val, to set up an appointment to guide you through the process, 

Deity Events Wedding

How do I even start? 

There is a lot to think about when bringing an outfit together, but let’s break it down to a simple decision tree (of sorts.) To start, ignore the groomsmen for now, do you want a suit or a tuxedo?

If a Tuxedo-

Are you looking to go for more of a traditional style with black or do you want a color that pops  and differentiates you from the crowd?

If you want a Black Tuxedo-

Congratulations! You have selected your outfit! Now you can focus on customizing the components of the Tuxedo. For example, shawl vs. peak lapel

Deity Events WeddingDeity Events Wedding

If you want to stand out-

Here, we go! There are two ways to stand out depending on your level of comfort. Should you want to stand out subtly, consider getting a Midnight Blue Tuxedo while your groomsmen wear a classic black. Or perhaps they can wear a similar suit/tuxedo that is a shade lighter or darker than your own tuxedo. If you want to command some attention, there are several options! We can craft you a tuxedo in a brilliant royal blue or textured ivory- or perhaps in a luxurious velvet dinner jacket in deep purple?

Deity Events Wedding

If a Suit-

A suit offers a lot more options and different ways to make your wedding garment stand out. At this point, we can try break down the options by considering a few factors:

  • Do you run hot? Depending on the time of year, the location, itinerary, and your frame, we may need to consider whether or not we should invest in a vest, explore thicker fabrics, and/or more fresco wools demonstrating a more open weave. Some even consider getting two shirts, or a breathable shirt with a linen blend.

  • Many grooms tend to gravitate towards either gray or blue tones. Do you have a preference?

  • How much do you want to stand out from your groomsmen? There are several different ways to do this from choosing a contrasting fabric color, selecting different customizations options, or tying everyone’s look together with matching accessories.

  • What other themes are you thinking of? Sometimes our clients come to us with a specific theme, e.g. something emanating the Great Gatsby, a rustic barn theme, or a romantic Tuscany to name a few.  If this is the case, let us know as we can customize the suit to make sure it looks more formal or casual. =)

Ultimately, this is just a sneak peak  of the things to consider before setting out to look for your wedding day attire. If you visit our Concierge team will take all of your preferences into account when helping you to build the perfect wedding outfit!


Deity Events WeddingDeity Events Wedding

It is all about the fit- 

When it comes to selecting the perfect wedding day outfit, fit is 90% of the battle. In fact, this is probably why you see so many startups promising to help improve our wardrobe with a better fitting garment. A wedding suit/tuxedo is no exception. The catch is, bespoke garments can get expensive and extremely time consuming often resulting in multiple fitting sessions. This is where Black Lapel’s Concierge team comes in. Available by in-person appointment, phone or by email, we assist our clients in getting a Flawless Fit through our white glove service while our direct-to-consumer approach helps make this luxury product more affordable. This way, not only can you get a perfect fit for your wedding, but also make it truly yours by going the extra step and customizing every aspect of the outfit with your Black Lapel Concierge.


What about a pattern/ pop of color/details to a suit?

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that there has been a paradigm shift where grooms went from wearing what is expected of them with a rental garment to wearing what they feel good in, something that shows off their personality.

The best way to do that in menswear is to introduce colors, patterns, textures, and details to an otherwise standard outfit. One way to do that is through the use of accessories. Shirts, ties, pocket square, socks (cools socks are really popular in the past three years), suspenders and shoes are all ways to add a subtle pop of color. Also, because our role is to help build the perfect outfit, should we not sell something you’re looking for, we can also provide recommendations.

Deity Events Weddingchristopher-kwon-1Deity Events Wedding

A favorite look- 

One of the more memorable wedding clients that I personally assisted was the father of the bride who has recently lost a lot of weight, gained a ton of confidence, and really wanted to put together an outfit which was not only tasteful for someone his age, but also helped him to stand out as a member of the immediate family.

We ended up creating a three-piece Indigo tuxedo, cut slim and close to his body, while cropping the pant hem ever so slightly shorter to accommodate his velvet slippers without socks. Although we do not sell shoes, our Concierge team was able to research and recommend the perfect midnight blue velvet slipper with red, quilted insoles. When he took it off, you couldn’t miss the red quilt inside! We were all really happy on how we were able to translate a vision to an actual outfit, and dialing that confidence to an eleven.

Deity Events WeddingDeity Events WeddingDeity Events Weddingjack-barbour

Here is Deity Events very own look using Black Lapel at our recent Great Gatsby photoshoot! Photos by Hilo & Ginger.

Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-111Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-166Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-102Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-196Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-8Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-228Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-19Deity Events Gatsby Shoot-91

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