Booking a Summer Weddings in Brooklyn

Is being a “June Bride,” overrated, especially considering the heat that can overcome Brooklyn and NYC? We are debunking the myth that you have to be a June bride. There are some things you should consider when thinking of booking a Summer Wedding, here is our findings and advice. 

Brooklyn Wedding Venue
Photo by Andori DeSoto Photo


We can see the appeal of a June Wedding, the feeling of finally being summer and the brisk spring air is warming up. However; most Summer days in New York can be hot and sticky and weather is never predictable. Deity Events has prepared for this the unpredictable weather with plenty of air conditioning to make any Wedding Day feel like a beautiful day. Our busiest season is actually the Fall, so we wanted to find out what the history is behind the hoopla of being a “June Bride.”

Deity Events- April and James
Photo by Le Image, Inc.
Deity Wedding Photos
Photo by Le Image, Inc.

The Huffington Post, researched this to find that “Tradition dates back to Roman times when they celebrated the festival of the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because there were flowers available for wedding décor, and the scent of the flowers masked body odor.” Yummy.

We love flowers as much as the next wedding venue, but honestly sometimes a great deal of flowers is not needed to make the this Venue space feel beautiful or smell nice. We see that 60+% of people at Deity Events chose not to add flowers. More couples are leaning towards the use of candles to replace the flowers for a more intimate and romantic look. Candles are a great look, its also a money saving tip, since Deity Events already includes so many candles!

Deity NYC Dayna and Roger3829
Photo by Robert Carlo | New York
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Denise Wine Photography
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity wedding photos by Le Image – NYC photographer.


The most popular reason for sticking with the tradition of a June Wedding is because for most people it is the easiest time of year for couples to take extended leave from work. I think all of this is to say, you are going to have a beautiful wedding anytime of year and it just needs to work for you and your guests. There is no extra luck factor with being a June bride.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Denise Wine Photography
Deity Events Brooklyn Wedding
Denise Wine Photography


Keeping your traveling guests in mind, here are some date tips we do urge you to think about when selecting a Summer wedding date.

  1. “Avoid holiday weekends. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day all dramatically increase airfare for your guests.” says Malone from the Huffington Post.
  2. Malone also reminds couples, “It’s easier for people with children to travel to a wedding when school is out, whether or not they’re bringing the little ones along. Finding a friend or family member to babysit is a lot easier when they don’t have to deal with the carpool.”
  3. You will want a Wedding venue with Air Conditioning no matter the time of year a lot of people in one room will get hot!
  4. You want an indoor wedding venue no matter the time of year, because weather is never predictable!
  5. If most of your guests are already coming from out of town, don’t be afraid to have a weekday wedding. I know, crazy right? Well, if many guests are already taking time off for the wedding than you might as well have it on a day that comes at a much less cost to you and to them for flights and hotels.

No matter the day you chose the wedding will be beautiful and Deity Events and our event coordinator will help ensure that!


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