Pros and Cons of Cocktail or Seated Dinner Styles for your Brooklyn Wedding

Seated Family Style Dinner or Cocktail Style Dinner, ’tis the question? How do you decide? Let us help with our pros and cons list. Deity Events offers both a cocktail style dinner and a seated Family Style option for the same price from the in-house wedding catering.

A few disclaimers, Deity’s Family Style Dinners includes a cocktail hour with passed Hors D’oeuvres prior to dinner. Also, one of the biggest myths about cocktail style dinners is that it is not a full meal, however to debunk this worry we extensively over compensate on the amount of food, so everyone has plenty of delicious food from Deity’s Catering to fill up on during your Brooklyn Wedding

Seated Dinner Pros

  1. Creates a more formal atmosphere to have a traditional multi course seated meal
  2. Allows guests to get off their feet for about an hour before hitting the dance floor.
  3. It is familiar, so if you have a more traditional family this might be what they expect at a Wedding.
  4. Your at the center of attention on your special day. Decorating your sweetheart table could be a lot of fun and puts you on display for all your friends and family to come up and congratulate you.

Seated Dinner Cons

  1. It’s traditional (this is really a pro or a con depending on your style).
  2. Guests “stick with their pack,” guests who know each other usually sit together.
  3. The need to make table assignments.
  4. Guests will only be able to have a conversation during dinner with those at their assigned table.
  5. If you are on a tight budget adding centerpieces beyond the candle display provided by Deity Events can add up, especially if you chose to go with floral centerpieces.
Brooklyn Wedding Planner- Zig Zag

Flowers by Floral Heights

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Photography by Le Image Inc. and Florals by Floral Heights 


Cocktail Style Pros

  1. There are more food options during a cocktail style dinner. With three stationary items and eight passed items there is so much food in the room at all times!
  2. Cocktail style receptions create a party atmosphere, especially being just steps away from the bar.
  3. This atmosphere allows more time for people to meet and interact with one another. If your guests are coming from great distances, have just met each other or don’t meet up very often, this could be a great option to allow everyone to catch up without being limited to the guests at their assigned table.
  4. For larger guest counts (150 people or more) cocktail style receptions are a necessity to fit everyone in one room and have a delicious meal together.
  5. Guests will not need to change rooms from cocktail hour space to the dining room
  6. Cocktail style receptions are perfect for couples who don’t necessarily want to be put on a spotlight, but quite literally would rather blend in with the crowd.
  7. Because most people are already standing there are more opportunities for spontaneous dancing!

Cocktail Style Cons

  1. If a large portion of your party has mobility limitations and need to be seated for long periods of time or if being in a crowd could upset them, this could cause more of a stressful environment for them.
  2. Sometimes little plates are a challenge to balance with your drink!

Brooklyn CateringSame sex Deity Brooklyn WeddingBrooklyn Catering

Goodluck with the decision making!

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