Brooklyn Wedding Cakes

You have spent so much time planning your Brooklyn Wedding and you have picked a Venue, now you finally get to cut your hard earned cake! Momofuku Milk Bar is one vendor we have high on our preferred vendors list at Deity Events, and the reason as simple as its delicious flavor. Milk Bar is known for it’s famous “Naked Cake” and we love that you can build your own cake layer by layer!

We asked Grace from Momofuku Milk Bar to answer a few questions to make vetting your possible Brooklyn based vendor more informative and personal. 

Jona Images at Deity Events
Jona Images at Deity Events

1. What is your favorite cake flavor?

We love all of our cake flavors, but our favorite is when clients curate different flavors per tier because they are too tasty to pick just one!

2. Do you have a magical flavor combo that you love? Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Malt together: a salty sweet revelation!

Deity NYC-703
NylaGray Photography at Deity Events
Deity NYC-760
NylaGray Photography at Deity Events

3. What makes your cakes stand out amongst all the other typical wedding cakes? Two words: Naked Cake! We were the first to introduce naked cakes at our bakery, and we’ve perfected the techniques that go with it. Our cakes are all about flavor, so our signature look must showcase all the beautiful layers of sweet goodness.

4. What is the average cost of a wedding cake? On average our tiered cakes cost about $6 per slice.

Wilde Scout 6T ombre high
Wilde Scout Photo Co.

5. What made you discover “the naked cake”? We’ve been making naked cakes since the earliest days at Milk Bar. Our cakes are all about the interesting flavors and textures in our layers, why would we ever want to cover that up with fondant or buttercream?

6. What is the highest tiered cake you have ever made? We made a very special 7 Tier Cake (almost 40 inches!) for our CEO/Founder Christina Tosi’s wedding. Our highest cakes are typically a 6 tier.

7. What is your favorite dessert that is not cake? Cake truffles! They’re great for giveaway bags, or as part of the dessert spread.

8. Our average size wedding is about 120 people, how many tiers do you suggest for this size wedding and what would it’s estimated cost be? Our large three tier cake serves exactly 120, and costs $700

Redfield S3T slem 1
Redfield Photography


9. Do you like making cakes on the extravagant side or simple side? We keep it very minimal so that all the attention is on the flavor, but ​we love to see what our clients add to the cakes! Flowers, fruit, theme toppers, legos; we love it all!

10. As a Brooklyn based venue what is your favorite thing about Brooklyn? The food, of course!

Kelly Kollar 4T bday high
Kelly Kollar Photography


Pro Tip: If you are worried your guests won’t really be interested in cake, get a small cake to cut and have Deity Events cut a sheet cake in back for your guests (shhhhh). Don’t miss out on this unique wedding cake

Read more other vendor spotlights to help the wedding planning surrounding your Brooklyn Wedding, a piece of cake! 

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