Custom Beer for a Brooklyn Wedding


As a Brooklyn Wedding Venue we are always looking for creative ways to allow couples to have a unique wedding. We also see more couples who want a custom signature on their wedding day and to be able to leave their guests with a detail that truly makes their NYC Wedding stand out. 

Now you can be the first to customize your Brooklyn Wedding with your very own beer! Now your love for beer and your significant other can both be celebrated together. As seen in InsideHook, Unlimited Brewing Company is making beer for events that are custom made to your taste buds and design style. You can customize the flavor and label (or have one of their designers help you) customize your own label.

Deity Events Custom Beer 2

Deity Events is the first NYC wedding venue to partner with Unlimited Brewing Company to bring your own beer to your wedding. As Deity Events is a unique wedding venue in Brooklyn that we couldn’t think of a cooler partnership to help celebrate our non-traditional couples on their wedding day!

It’s about the same price as a regular craft beer and it brings a signature touch to your wedding that your guests will always remember. You can also give these beers as thank you gifts (as long as they are sealed). Deity Event’s staff can pass them out as wedding favors at the end of the night.

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your beer

  2. Make your custom label

  3. Choose your quantity

  4. Deity will serve your beer at your wedding!

    Deity Events Custom Beer

This is a more thoughtful detail than the signature cocktail and perfect for beer lovers or home brewers who want their personality to really shine through at their wedding.

Deity One Pager


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