Brooklyn Wedding Catering

We have the D.L. on Wedding Catering in NYC and Brooklyn. Spoiler alert! As we found out from getting quotes ourselves and by cross checking venue reviews from Woman Getting Married, hiring a catering company is not cheap and it is not factored into a venue’s wedding costs,  Brooklyn Based did their own due diligence on the catering subject to find out how much you can expect to spend on NYC and Brooklyn catering. They used 501 Union, BK Venues site and Two Kindred’s preferred vendors to pick Ryan Brown Catering New York as an example caterer as he appeared on all three of their lists.

Quoted in Brooklyn Based his charges look something like this. “Brown, whose specialty is farm-to-table New American cuisine, told us his standard, seated dinners, which include a selection of hors-d’oeuvres, two courses seated and either a plated dessert or dessert table begin at $85 per person plus an additional $40-$50 a person for staffing for a total of $135 per guest.”

After hearing this we are more charged up than ever to share what a great deal Deity Events is for a Brooklyn Wedding!  Deity Events charges between $150-$190 per person for an entire wedding, venue, $30 drink credit, catering, furniture, event coordinator and table settings, decor, DJ and more! We are happy to provide a reasonably priced wedding and wedding catering for couples in the NYC and Brooklyn area without needing to compromise on location or quality.


At Deity Events our two most popular menus are the Family Style Meal or Cocktail Style Standing Dinner Menu which are copied below, but could also be found on the catering page of our website.

The Family Style Meal includes a cocktail hour with two stationary platters and four passed items, chosen from the Hos D’Oeuvres Menu. Then for dinner you will have a salad for the table, two choices of enterés and two sides chosen from the Dinner Menu.

The Cocktail Style Standing Dinner Menu is an extended cocktail hour with plenty of food for your guests to feel well fed. You chose 3 stationary platters and 8 passed items from our Hors D’Oeuvres MenuDEITY EVENTS HORS DOEUVRESDEITY EVENTS DINNER

My mouth is watering just looking at it!

Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0895Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0896Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0901deity events catering 2Deity Events Catering

Can you justify spending almost your full wedding budget of a Deity Wedding on only catering somewhere else in NYC or Brooklyn? When the Knot quoted Manhattan as the most expensive place to have a wedding coming in at a whopping average spend of $76,944 we couldn’t help, but share some of our statistics with you and shout about our amazing catering right in-house of our beautiful venue!

2018 wedding prices

The venue is just as beautiful and tastefully decorated as your plate!


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