Biggest Brooklyn Venue Hunting Mistakes

After 10 Years of meeting hundreds of couples, coming through the gates of Deity Events on their journey of planning a wedding, we have came up with the most common venue hunting mistakes to prevent headache and unnecessary spending while venue shopping.

Shopping out of your budget

Keeping costs down during a wedding can be difficult when you do not want to make compromises on your special day, especially in NYC where there are so many glamorous options. However finding a venue within your budget is a must to keeping your engagement period calm, cool and collective. When going over venues make sure to ask what is included. Do not assume all venues include the same things. Then price out what those differences cost.

Pro tip- some venues come free with purchase of their food. Finding a venue with in-house catering can be a score, because all caterers have a markup on food to pay for their facilities, so you might as well find one where their kitchen is in the venue you love

If some things that are included are pushing you a little over budget, ask yourself if you would have purchased those things outside the venue anyway.

Pro tip-  If you got your eyes on a beautiful venue that might be out of budget ask if they charge extra for a Sunday over a Holiday weekend where the Monday is a Federal Holiday. You can get a deal with a Sunday price, but the convenience of a Saturday, or even better have your wedding on one of those weekday Holidays. 

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue--185

Photography by On the Times Photography

Putting their guests in front of themselves!

Whether it is aesthetic, layout, or a particular tradition couples often look for what people might say not necessarily considering themselves all the way through. Stop trying to appease everyone, once you do that the rest comes easy.

For example, when choosing a bar package you don’t need to go way over budget to to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Your friends do not need a double of Johnny Walker Black to have a good time. A seafood bar is not necessary to impress your guests. Chose the things you like to let your personality shine through. If you like it, chances are that others will too!


Photo By Josh Duffus

Not knowing what you want or what you need from a venue

Do you need a venue where everything is included? Do you need something that allows you to bring your own food or alcohol? Do you need something within walking distance of the ceremony space or one where the ceremony space is on the premises? Do you need something with a separate areas for a young crowd and the older crowd?

Deity NYC--0255.jpg

Photo by Jona Images

Not considering your time

Relating to the point above, couples don’t consider their own time and well-being as an asset. Sometimes going with a blank space can really bamboozle your time and add extreme stress to your wedding planning if your work and life schedule does not have room for a second job of sourcing and coordinating a wedding.


Photo by Le Image Inc

Finding out the basics before you tour a venue

30 Questions to ask your venue by Jaimie Mackey in Brides online brings up all very good points of what to ask before you tour a venue. Here are a few we really think you should consider that can be absolute deal breakers couples when venue shopping.

  1. Pricing and Availability? we covered this in #1
  2. How much will you need to have for the deposit?
  3. Do you have to used approved vendors from the venue’s list? Pro tip: If your venue doesn’t require you to use their vendors, ask if there are any they recommend most highly. A vendor who is familiar with your venue will already know the quirks and challenges of the space, which will make your planning process that much easier!
  4. Comfortable Capacity


Photo by Le Image Inc

Venue shopping without a date in mind 

It can be hard to pick a date, because of the countless peoples schedules you have to consider. Family, best friends, your parents closest friends. Everyone wants a piece of the action and it is nearly impossible to please everyone. However, pick a couple dates that could work for the majority of your VIP guests. Also, diversify your date picks. You want should probably consider one to be the typical wedding off-season. If you have a date that you are considering off- season this can help when crunching numbers and you won’t have to go back to the drawing board all over again when final calculations end up being higher than expected.

Venue shopping without a date in mind ultimately leads to a lot of decision woes. You peak around without knowing really what you are looking for which can be very impractical.

Try to be open to the week before or the week after to get the time frame you really want!


Photo by Le Image Inc

Venue shopping with only one date!

Venue shopping with only one date can lead to heart break quickly, because you feel constantly under the gun about trying to find not only the perfect venue, but the one with your date. Those two things might not sync up, so you are going to compromise on what you really want for your day because you want an easy to remember date like 8-18-18.

View More:

Photo by Le Image Inc

Not bringing the decision makers

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is not bringing all the decision makers to the showing. It is easy to pass over venues you are reassessing the venues and making your final decisions if the other decision makers were not on the tour to offer their opinions.

Think of it like wedding dress shopping. You want those to come whose opinions you can’t live without, but not too many people where their opinions drown out your own wishes.


Photo by Julian Ribinik


If this is already overwhelming you, don’t stress, come visit Deity NYC and let us walk you through it!


Play our video and envision your wedding day at Deity Events.


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