Registry Items for your Brooklyn Wedding

If you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan you have probably seen the adorable Zola posters on the subway, so we looked into it for you! Zola is specifically for planning a wedding in the tech age and making it easy to add cool items to your registry you actually want!

Deity Events Wedding

At Deity Events, as a Wedding Venue that tries to be as easy as possible through the entire wedding planning process, Zola helps fill in the gaps of communication between you and your wedding guests. Next to finding the perfect Wedding Venue, you know communication between your friends and family about your wedding day can be the trickiest part of the planning process . On Zola, you can create a free wedding website, customizable checklists, keep track of your guest list and your registry.

Out of the 9 most popular modern wedding items we picked some must haves for a modern NYC bride that we thinks couples getting at Deity Events will love!

brooklyn registry wine clubBrooklyn Registry- Honey Moon fundBrooklyn Venue registry- sonosBrooklyn wedding venue registry- airbnb

Here is how these top items rank in the top 9!

Zola_Registry101_v03@2x (1).jpg




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