Most Important Wedding Prep for a Brooklyn Wedding

You just got engaged and you know you have a lot of planning in front of you. Everyone wants this to be the happiest day of your life, but you also know your Pinterest board is not going to come alive on it’s own and without a cost. Your perfect day and a smooth planning process is possible with the right mindset and a little help from Deity Events.

  1. Establish your basic needs for your wedding. This way you can prioritize your search. What is the budget? Where is the destination? What is the date? How many guests? These are the practical things you want to remind yourself in order to fall in love with things that are do-able for your big day. Establish these basic things before diving too deep into the searching process in order to save yourself a real headache of starting from scratch after you settled on a real budget, location or guest list. IMG_3012 (1)
  2. What are your expectations from family and close friends? How much will they be helping and how much will you be doing on your own? If you are not as fortunate with being able to enlist a team of people to plan your big day or would rather keep the big decisions to yourself,  think about a venue that has everything in one place and included in the price. Reading reviews, comparing prices, and doing all the research on vendors can bamboozle most of your designated planning time.  View More: By Le Image
  3. What are your goals? The ultimate dance party, Foodie friendly, casual gathering of friends and family. Really think about how you want that day to feel, then work from there. You never want to forget this ultimate goal to accomplishing the day that you wanted all along. Opinions of family, friends and even strangers can easily cloud your better judgement, so be in touch with your goal. Don’t forget to tell Deity Events what you are after when you come in for a tour and establish that at your planning meeting, so our event experts can give you suggestions on how to fool proof your day of plans and get the wedding you are dreaming of! Deity Brooklyn Wedding Dimitri and Chris Images-662                                                          Photo by Le Image Inc 

By being realistic and staying true to the goal you set for yourself, then you are well on your way to planning the best day of your life!

*Feature Image by Vivian N Photos

Do you want a love and laughter filled wedding with no stress. Check out what we can do for you at Deity Events.

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